Sunday, February 6, 2011

Somebody call a Priest

If I had to describe my night last in one word it would probably have to be... unbelievable! Matt was sick all day with a stomach virus, i.e. he was in the bathroom all afternoon, and I really felt for the poor guy. I spent the day out and about, running errands and hanging out with my madre and then took our little buddy over to my mom and stepdad's for dinner. During our meal, our little buddy got into some cat poop outside, which I would like to think he mistook the cat poop for a Godiva truffle, but sadly that's probably not the case. So, upon returning home and trying to enjoy a movie with my sick hubs, our little buddy decided the cat poop was not a smart choice and proceeded to vomit (projectile, that is) all over our newly shampooed carpet (6 times to be exact). I have never seen so much fluid in my entire life, nor have I ever wanted to smell cat poop for a second time around. I wasn't sure if I should call the vet or call for an exorcism... to be fair Matt and I did pray over him and over our carpet :(

I had already been sweetly serving my hubs all day and now I was subjected to scrubbing 6 enormous spots on our carpet. Shout out to Woolite Heavy Traffic carpet cleaner! Out little buddy spent majority of the evening on our bathroom floor, minus our bathmats, until I surrendered control and let him into the bedroom at 3 am (not sure if it was more because I felt sorry for him or solely due to the fact that he didn't stop whining for 3 straight hours). So, I am thankful for a new day and thankful for some new revelations...

1. I am rethinking this whole nursing thing (Please God let me have a CLA, Clinical Nurses Aid, to clean up vomit, because my gag reflex really cannot handle it).

2. In the future I will NEVER HAVE CARPETED FLOORS! Hardwood floors, tile or stained concrete is the way to go!

3. Always have a surplus of Woolite around when you have children... or a dog that eats cat poop!

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