Friday, March 25, 2011

Man's ehh, Dog's Best Friend

I have a lot of catching up to do, including many random tid-bits and pictures. But I will get to that another time. This post is dedicated to my little buddy and his more slobbery buddy.

Sienna belongs to Andrew and Kristen Kunczt, two good friends of Matt and I's, so it's only logical that our pups are good friends as well. She's about 6-mo. older than Trist and what a pair they make. Sienna is definitely more easy-going than Trist, but what she lacks in anxiousness she makes up for in losing hair and her ability to dehydrate (she sheds and drools incessantly). All 6 of us spent last weekend at lake LBJ, which the dogs love just as much as their owners. It's SO nice to let them run free and swim their hearts out while we get our tan-on! Plus, Trist will sleep for about 2 straight days when we get back (not sure which is better, not having to exercise T or having an amazing tan?). Looking forward to when we have non-furry little ones that can run and play together!

Matt and Andrew

K and I