Friday, February 4, 2011

Just like the carol says...kinda

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
(Well, today it was actually quite beautiful)
And the fire was so delightful
(I can't wait to have one of these someday)
So, since there's no place to go
(that's right, no school today)
Let it snow, Let is snow, Let is snow!

I prayed hard for snow last night, and not just because I didn't want to go to class this am. Sometimes, a day home with the hubby and snow on the ground is just what you need. I couldn't deal with snow everyday, but a couple hours of fun was all I needed. I woke up Matt at 5:30 am to first let him know both our schools were closed for the day and then to check for snow (yea, he wasn't too excited about the snow part, given he is from New Jersey and all). Then I insisted we all go downstairs to check it out. Again, he was less than pleased, but he followed me down the stairs nonetheless all the while grumbling, "the whole point in a day off is to sleep in Mel" while I retorted, "It's a moment, how often does it snow in SA and our buddy has never seen snow".

And it was worth it...

We were the first to crunch in the freshly fallen powder
(I think the crunch under my boots was my favorite part)

He couldn't stop sniffing it!
And while he didn't eat any "yellow snow",
he did make some brown snow :(

I know it's nothing compared to what my
Sis is getting in Dallas, but still exciting!

My snowmobile

Then we celebrated with Belgian Waffles
and snuggles on the couch
(after we went back to sleep for another 4 hours)

My tootsies stayed warm late into the afternoon

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