Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tatted up


Don't ask me why, but i do. Done the right way i think they are such a beautiful expression of art. I have 2, both on my foot and if i were more wild and had a higher threshold for pain i would totally get a 1/2 sleeve. i don't see myself getting anymore any time soon, but if i had kids i would have to think about something like this...

Here's my swollen willow tree the night I got it.
(My maiden name in Spanish means willow tree)

My hubs also likes tattoos. He has a B-wing ship from Star Wars on the right side of his ribcage, Ezer Kenegdo on his ring finger and this on the left side of his ribs...

Friday, December 9, 2011

I just Can't do it Captain

First I just wanted to show this screen shot I saved...

I was reading a craft blog this am and came across this ad from Nordstrom. I laughed out loud because I recently bought both of the above items (except my poncho is in hunter green). Way to go Nordstrom advertising!

Anyways, early this am I got to thinking about things I can't do, but wish I could...

1. I can't sleep through the night without getting up for a potty break (this point started the mental list at around 630am).

2. I can't speak more than one language fluently (this is sad because my dad is bilingual!!!)

3. I can't eat wheat (sometimes a girl just wants a hamburger...with the bun)

4. I don' t think I can still zip my wedding dress (to be fair, this might not be my fault. Thanks to undiagnosed Celiac Disease I was Skele-tor at my wedding)

5. I can't really get any volume to my hair (my hair is so fine and I just wish there was more of it)

6. I can't run a marathon (my joints are real bad...again, thank you to Celiac disease)

7. I can't play a musical instrument (Matt plays the guitar so beautifully and both his parents play piano. Such a beautiful gift)

8. I can't pass a sale without stopping to buy something (this one I am working on)

9. I can't deny my sweet tooth (I'm an absolute sucker for sweets, ba-dum-shhh)

10. I can't name all the capitals in the good 'ol USA (but I can do all the states in alphabetical order)