Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hook 'em

Today marks another day of senseless violence occurring on school grounds. A 19 yr. old gunman opened fire at the UT library today with an automatic weapon, and by the glory of God, missed everyone he aimed for, and eventually took his own life. I still can't believe we live in such an ugly world that we should fear getting an education for such reasons as these! Being there just 3 years prior brings back all the emotions of being on campus after the Virginia Tech shooting, with the emails of bomb threats and our emergency sirens going off about once a month. My heart goes out to students, teachers, and administrators every where! Being a student comes with risks, but it also comes with such great gain! I pray for the lost souls who feel the need to commit such acts, and the hearts of those left trying to make sense of it all!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Gluten-free + Groupon= Grrrreat

So what's up with this thing called Groupon? (Thought I'd start with a Jerry Seinfeld-esq intro) But seriously, Groupon is amazing. You register based on your zipcode and you receive daily emails containing AMAZ-ing deals for food, fun, and other fluff. Thus far, the best Groupon I have purchased was for a little place known as Little Aussie Bakery. Be forewarned, do not go if you are able to eat gluten and intend on keeping your wallet heavy...EXPENSIVE! Delicious, yes. Worth it, well yes...thanks to Groupon. Best $10 I have spent in a while.

Among my purchases: package of 2 vanilla-iced cookies, a lamb sandwich with side salad and roll (can't remember the last time I used the words roll, restaurant, and myself in the same sentence), a piece of 4-layer strawberry sponge cake, and an additional package of cookies to reach my $25 Groupon Certificate level.

Yes, as good as it looks

About 5 min, I meeaaan 23 1/2 minutes later :(

*I didn't eat it all myself. Promise.
And I didn't get a stomach ache from eating it so fast.
And I'm not saying I had some in my hair.
Cause I didn't.

* If Justin Berner says otherwise, ignore him. He lies and he likes the Cowboys. And he will lie about really liking the Broncos over the Cowboys at this point. Although, you might wanna tell the truth on that one. Better football choice my friend!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bigger News

We don't really celebrate Halloween. Just carving pumpkins, Fall Parties, and certain costumes are acceptable. This falls into one of those categories!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big News


That's right people. Fall is knocking on our door, so please ignore the weather channel stating 99+ degree weather. It was pointed out to me, by my sweet husband, that I associate seasons with what Starbuck's drinks are available. Thus, Pumpkin spice latte= Fall. I am not the biggest fan (nor any fan at all) of cold weather but, I do enjoy cooooollll weather. Plus, cooler weather = not needing to re-shower after walking from the front door to the car + other really awesome things that make Fall fantastic.


Welcome back "We'll always have Paris"


I have to admit I have already been wearing these.

Thank you UTHSCSA for keeping it Fall indoors year round


YES! Pottery Barn catalogs bursting with acorn filled hurricanes,

brightly decorated plates, and individually labeled pumpkin place markers!


Did I mention the PSL?


Pumpkin scented candle, I will be purchasing you tomorrow!


Well, maybe not in Texas but one can hope!


Food and Fam go together like turkey and gravy

(I actually hate gravy, just seemed like an appropriate metaphor)

BARF and glop

Say what?!?! Well, this may sound absolutely crazy to some, so feel free to judge us, but Mateo and I started Tristen on a new diet. BARF (Bone and Raw Food) and glop (not really sure what it stands for). We take whole chicken parts, grind them in a meat grinder, and form patties. Next, the glop. In a blender, I put a whole head of Romaine lettuce, green beans, carrots, clove of garlic, a banana, and a small orange, and pour into ice cube trays. Breakfast consists of one patty, a defrosted glop cube and a dollop of daisy (not really...a dollop of plain cultured yogurt), followed by a single patty for dinner.

Okay, so why did we choose to do this? We know a friend that does it and has seen great results with his pup. Plus, it mimics the dogs true diet in the wild. I mean what wild dog doesn't eat cultured yogurt, right? Truthfully, we thought it would be better for him inside and out. So far he hasn't been scratching as much, his coat looks awesome, and his poop is much better (outside of yesterday, not sure what happened there).

Shout out to Costco for chicken by the ton!


My Happy Boy!