Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3's Company

We are a family of three now... Welcome the newest member to the Waite clan, Trist! Seriously, taking care of a puppy gives me so very smalllll idea of what it will be like to have kids someday! Trist is a 15 week Border Collie we adopted through All Border Collie Rescue out of Houston, TX. Matt and I had our hearts set on getting a BC and were contacting breeders left and right. We love their intelligence and high drive! So in scanning the internet for breeders in TX, I came across this rescue. These people are true servants, driving whereever they are called to rescue a pup from being put down. All the dogs are fostered in homes so they get the best attention they deserve! And so far we have not been disappointed! Our boy is so smart and kind. He is already following certain commands and we are trying to teach him more everyday. Hopefully, we will have him in puppy kindergarten soon! We are crate training so he howls when we leave, but usually just wants to nap on the floor and be snuggled. Plus, he loves to play fetch, which was a HUGE selling point for Matt. We hope when he's big enough we can get him into agility and frisbee tricks!

Since we brought our little buddy home he had been nothing but perfect. He didn't cry at night, he didn't really bite and did not even have an accident in the house!!! What what?!?! He was like the most mature pup I had ever seen. Until Tuesday...

My sweet sister-in-law came over to check on him since it would be his first afternoon solo while I had class. She said he has pooped in his crate and tore something up. Luckily, I got out early and came home to this...

My darling boy chewed up his brand new kennel mat!

Who me?

Sorry mom!

Puppies will be puppies! And all things considered he is still pretty perfect!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Grandmother's House We Go!

This past weekend, Matt and I took a little road trip to good-ole, eh well, we went to Houston. While we find the city somewhat depressing, we are happy to make the trip to spend time with family!

God blessed us with AMAZing scenery along the way ...

Bluebonnets are proof God really does bless Texas!

Great company while we were there...

Granny and Aunt Jen

Some of Granny's beautiiiiful flowers. Papa always loved their garden.

A Ladybug for luck!


The camera was turned on me!

And finally, a surprise for the way home...