Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am not a lover of the cold. I enjoy the seasonal change. I look forward to wearing cute sweaters, boots and scarves. But, I am not a lover of the cold. I have technically never seen snow, but I have seen slush. Does that count? I do dream of a white Christmas at some point and being able to mark "making a snow angel" off my bucket list. But I know I could not handle it year round.

However, today I braved the frigid temps and took my pup trail running in Eisenhower park. I dressed as warmly as I deemed appropriate without looking silly. But, I was still very cold. I did run kleenex in hand and contemplated just stuffing it up my nose, but I am pretty sure that would fall under the no-no's of runner's etiquette (or any etiquette for that matter). Not to mention, near the end of my run the cold cold cold air had caused so much vasoconstriction (nursing term) and surface irritation that my entire lower limbs were incredibly itchy. I could have clawed my skin off... probably still a no-no. I am glad all the other running enthusiasts were sane enough to stay home this morning. Especially because I am sure I looked so ridiculous running with fists full of kleenex while scratching my entire back side!

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