Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ode to T-dog

We love our furry buddy. He truly is part of the family and our first child. He is super hyper and requires exercise at least 2x a day, so I will be ever so thankful when we finally have a backyard. However, despite his high energy level he is totally brilliant and can wind down enough to give me some snugs (I am a big fan of cuddling).

Playful and modest all wrapped up
in one cute package!

View from the bed.
He loves to sleep like this.

Showing those pearly whites

Did I mention he is wildly hyper?

Play hard, sleep harder.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I found this super fun idea that I will definitely take on when I have little ones. Nowadays, there are so many jewelry ideas of incorporating your kids (necklaces, rings, etc.) but this tops them all.

So, unique and special...

Yes, I am currently in class. And, no I don't feel guilty about blogging during lecture.

Monday, May 9, 2011

If I had a Birthday this month...

The following things, in no particular order, would be on my list...

(I'm not this shallow, but I'm post-dentist and in pain, and well... this makes me feel better).

I love this necklace. I first saw it on
the Rachel Zoe show. The real one is a Jennifer
Meyer original and expensive.
This is a brilliant Etsy find.

Just.Lovely.Things. No really, that's
the name of this Etsy shop. I love all her
headband creations. So much in fact I just bought
this one 30 sec ago. Oops, Happy Birthday to me!

This stuff is amazing and I've gotta have it

I adore Free People and their lace
bandeaus. So cute under tanks!

A private art lesson with my sister & my mom
by THE Casey Wiegand.
Oh wait, I got to do that!

J.Crew gold jellies, I need you.
Cough, size 7, cough.

And J.Crew chinos, I could own you
in EVERY color.

New Anthro mugs, you would go perfectly
in my cabinet. And you would match
your sibling "m" mugs that currently
reside there. Don't worry, they'll
make room.

Nerdy? Yes.
So soft you want to sleep on them? Oh, yes.
My sister already bought me one of these
memory foam bath mats and now
I'm itching for the smaller one.
She may have given it to me early because I:
A. Helped organize her disaster of a closet
B. Was assaulted by her plaster belly cast while
organizing said closet.
C. Because we are from the same mold
and can't wait to give a loved one a great gift.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's on the Menu?

School has kept me pretty occupied the last few weeks, so the menu is limited this go-round.

But here is what has been cookin' in the Waite kitchen...

Fish Tacos with a cucumber and radish slaw
and homemade Mexican rice (secret family recipe)

So in L-O-V-E with Hansen's soda and
the fact that there's no high fructose corn syrup.
Pomegranate and Vanilla cola are my fav's.

And who can forget my Royal Wedding spread? Chicken salad,
crackers and hummus, cheese cubes, prosciutto wrapped asparagus
and homemade cake balls!

And what's a meal without cute new platters to serve it on?
I made these with plates and glass candle holders, and
the best part is they cost $6 a piece!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal I-Do's

I have been OB-sessed with everything Royal the last few weeks. I mean, I did marry into a VERY English family name (there is even a Waite Family crest, how fun right?).

But, as far as the Royals go, I find the entire family both bizarre and fascinating. Their traditions stem back hundreds of years and there's a reason (sometimes weird reasons) why they do what they do. And Kate's story tugs at every female's heart strings, fulfilling every woman's fairytale of becoming a real life princess.

So, naturally I threw a Royal Viewing party...

Matt may or may-not have been mortified
that this was hanging on our front door

I love attending weddings and can't help but feel for the bride on that special day. I remember how magical the entire day feels; it's unlike anything else. I also know weddings have a unique and special place in God's heart. Being a bride is not just an earthly experience, but more so a heavenly one. Every girl is a Kate Middleton and every man is a Will Wales, because of Jesus Christ. We too are heirs to a throne, set to inherit a permanent fortune.