Monday, November 28, 2011


Soooo I passed my nursing boards, holla! And I started working where I externed during school. Shout out to SICU at Main Methodist Hospital. I am scared every second of my shift at work, but a good scared. I know I have an important job having people's lives in my hands. And even in the "not-so-fun" moments I am loving my job and feel so honored and blessed to be in this place in my career.

Also, Thanksgiving has come and gone... How did that happen so fast? I love the food and family combination and I ate my little heart out. Matt and I took Trist for a Thanksgiving morning jog-walk and discussed all that we were thankful for. And there is a LOT we are thankful for this season. He is our portion and we are MORE than blessed.

Okay now some Random-ness...

Remember when this girl got engaged?
Well, she moved back to Cheese-ville and
I miss her like crazy.
But, I will be visiting her next Sept...
for her WEDDING...
bc I am a BRIDESMAID!!!

My dad bought me an awesome Michael Kors
black leather jacket for Christmas. And I plan
on wearing it like this :)

Matt's mom has also been wanting to make us
a quilt for quite some time. I am thinking
something like this!

One person I am especially thankful for is this man.
He is my best friend, my hubs and my leader.
Thank you Jesus for Mateo!