Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shannon & Shane

My sweet friend and coworker is getting married on March 20th, and I've been blessed with the opportunity to be their photographer! By no means am I a professional, but I enjoying learning and being creative!

Here are some engagement shots of the future Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs..

LOVE them!

Out on the dock

Totally depicts this couple: She's reading "Infectious Diseases" and He is reading Superman Comics... excellent!

They will both be wearing converse for the wedding!

Shannon you look gorgeous here!


Friday, February 26, 2010


In 2nd grade my dream was to become an artist. My grandmother is an AMAZing artist, who can paint just about anything with any media. I've always loved that God chose this gift among many to pass through the "X" chromosome. I've always loved being creative and I'm always disappointed I don't exercise the gift more often. I'm so bad and never finishing things I start, and I'm determined to put an end to it when it comes to art. I praise God for this ability and feel such a release of joy and stress in putting more of myself into it this past week.

One a side note: both my grandmother and my mother have always had their houses filled with art, and all done my artists they knew. MY ENTIRE grandmother's house is filled with her paintings or paintings a friend did for her. Matt and I have discussed taking on this tradition and passing on the legacy of our kids/grandkids having our art hanging in their home.

Justin's b-day present from last year... Sorry buddy, it will be done soon!
But I've laid down color for the water :)

A painting Matt's Grandad did of a bridge... We love it in our room!

My orchids... One of the first paintings I actually finished recently.

A famous Grandaddy Waite lighthouse in our living room.

Starting some sketching too!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I don't eat no stinkin wheat!!!

So, early January I was finally diagnosed. I have Celiac disease. It's an auto-immune disorder where my body attacks itself (my intestines to be precise) in the presence of gluten. I always knew I had a problem with breads, pasta, etc. but I just thought it made me bloated. Too bad for me it was destroying my insides and causing a long list of problems. But, praise God I received a diagnosis and have been completely gluten-free ever since.

However, so far in the adventure, I've discovered the list of items containing gluten seems to keep growing...pringles, doritos, sushi, soy sauce, etc. Gluten is used as a binding agent in foods and it seems like they put it in just about everything including, grain vinegars/vanilla extract/some cough drops/candies/lunch meats/salad dressings!
Geesh...But, I am getting better at reading every single label during my grocery trips. And expanding my list of gluten free restaurants. Thank you Jesus for a gluten-free menu at P.F. Chang's, I'd so miss asian otherwise!

Loving me some Enviro Kidz brand

My Amazing cookbook from a sweet friend! I'm attempting to be the "Julie and Julia" of the gluten-free world.