Monday, January 3, 2011

Born the King of Angels

I definitely feel like this Christmas trumped last Christmas. Not that last year was bad, but this year just felt so much more tangible and special. Praise Jesus for no more illnesses this year, frequently played carols, and a tree stocked with ornaments (I guess many people were appalled that Matt and I were not buying ornaments by the case load, and instead accumulating over the years, because we went from 3 hanging ornaments to about 40 gifted to us this year). Not to mention our stockings actually contained stocking-stuffers this year.

Christmas eve we met my dad and his girlfriend at Le Peep for a fabulous breakfast that included my very own plateful of gluten-free french toast. Shout out to a willing waiter for concocting this for me!

Christmas Eve-ning we celebrated with my mom and stepdad, and we were one animal short of a funny farm (a bountiful Border Collie, crazed French Bulldog, a molting Murphy Bunny and two game hens... the last two in the oven of course).

Our Christmas morning was exactly what I had envisioned. I slowly sipped my warm chai in my matching owl pajama set, listening to carols and praying for all God's fruitful blessings in my life. Once my lover rose from his slumber, we exchanged gifts and enjoyed our alone time as a family of 3.

A Christmas miracle... Snow!!!
Well, kinda.

Loving my cranberry colored NorthFace

Later that afternoon we celebrated with Matt's family, where the crazy festivities continued... four-legged friends running amuck, A Christmas Carol rolling in the background, and a drawing contest amongst siblings.

Holiday Tom's L-O-V-E

Matt might have won the drawing contest.
The theme was "Walri (singular Walrus) riding a Gondola"

Thank you Jesus, for such a special time to glorify your birth and love on those around us.

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