Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zoom Zoom Zoom

I have been on a new car kick lately. Can we afford a new one right now? No. In our near future? Yes. Will I change my mind between now and the next 8 months about what I want? Of course!

Right now I go back and forth from this...

To this...

For those of you who know me you are thinking, what about your love for the blizzard pearl Prius? Well yes, I still love the idea of my sweet Prius and no gas guzzling machine will ever compare to her. But, being the type-A monstrosity that I am I thought to myself... (insert thought clouds and dreamy voice, maybe Morgan Freeman perhaps) I will not own another car between now and when I have kids. And loading children/dog/strollers/car-seats into a vehicle seems much easy in an SUV than a car. I am planning ahead for my sanity and my lower back!

Any thoughts moms?

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  1. I of course vote CR-V...however, my Dad informed me today that gas will more than likely be $4/gallon by the end of the year, soooooo Prius?? :)