Thursday, September 2, 2010

BARF and glop

Say what?!?! Well, this may sound absolutely crazy to some, so feel free to judge us, but Mateo and I started Tristen on a new diet. BARF (Bone and Raw Food) and glop (not really sure what it stands for). We take whole chicken parts, grind them in a meat grinder, and form patties. Next, the glop. In a blender, I put a whole head of Romaine lettuce, green beans, carrots, clove of garlic, a banana, and a small orange, and pour into ice cube trays. Breakfast consists of one patty, a defrosted glop cube and a dollop of daisy (not really...a dollop of plain cultured yogurt), followed by a single patty for dinner.

Okay, so why did we choose to do this? We know a friend that does it and has seen great results with his pup. Plus, it mimics the dogs true diet in the wild. I mean what wild dog doesn't eat cultured yogurt, right? Truthfully, we thought it would be better for him inside and out. So far he hasn't been scratching as much, his coat looks awesome, and his poop is much better (outside of yesterday, not sure what happened there).

Shout out to Costco for chicken by the ton!


My Happy Boy!

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