Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big News


That's right people. Fall is knocking on our door, so please ignore the weather channel stating 99+ degree weather. It was pointed out to me, by my sweet husband, that I associate seasons with what Starbuck's drinks are available. Thus, Pumpkin spice latte= Fall. I am not the biggest fan (nor any fan at all) of cold weather but, I do enjoy cooooollll weather. Plus, cooler weather = not needing to re-shower after walking from the front door to the car + other really awesome things that make Fall fantastic.


Welcome back "We'll always have Paris"


I have to admit I have already been wearing these.

Thank you UTHSCSA for keeping it Fall indoors year round


YES! Pottery Barn catalogs bursting with acorn filled hurricanes,

brightly decorated plates, and individually labeled pumpkin place markers!


Did I mention the PSL?


Pumpkin scented candle, I will be purchasing you tomorrow!


Well, maybe not in Texas but one can hope!


Food and Fam go together like turkey and gravy

(I actually hate gravy, just seemed like an appropriate metaphor)

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  1. I'm officially following you now :)

    I heart fall - best weather, best clothes, best decorations, best food and drinks!