Monday, September 27, 2010

Gluten-free + Groupon= Grrrreat

So what's up with this thing called Groupon? (Thought I'd start with a Jerry Seinfeld-esq intro) But seriously, Groupon is amazing. You register based on your zipcode and you receive daily emails containing AMAZ-ing deals for food, fun, and other fluff. Thus far, the best Groupon I have purchased was for a little place known as Little Aussie Bakery. Be forewarned, do not go if you are able to eat gluten and intend on keeping your wallet heavy...EXPENSIVE! Delicious, yes. Worth it, well yes...thanks to Groupon. Best $10 I have spent in a while.

Among my purchases: package of 2 vanilla-iced cookies, a lamb sandwich with side salad and roll (can't remember the last time I used the words roll, restaurant, and myself in the same sentence), a piece of 4-layer strawberry sponge cake, and an additional package of cookies to reach my $25 Groupon Certificate level.

Yes, as good as it looks

About 5 min, I meeaaan 23 1/2 minutes later :(

*I didn't eat it all myself. Promise.
And I didn't get a stomach ache from eating it so fast.
And I'm not saying I had some in my hair.
Cause I didn't.

* If Justin Berner says otherwise, ignore him. He lies and he likes the Cowboys. And he will lie about really liking the Broncos over the Cowboys at this point. Although, you might wanna tell the truth on that one. Better football choice my friend!

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