Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I consider my blog as a not so private outlet. I share the good, and the bad, but here is the UGLY.

Since this is where I currently am, listening to hour one of a ten hour lecture on not so interesting topics. Anyways, my annoyance with school started this morning at 5:45 am. We were suppose to register for our clinical groups this morning at 6 am. Believe it or not, this is a big deal. We will be with these group-mates, with these instructors, at these locations for the next 9 weeks of our life. Since, Monday we received notifications everyday regarding the sign-ups and detailed instructions/locations (mind you, every single one of the announcements contained inaccurate information that was later corrected and reposted... proof read people). So, at this point it's not looking too good. Nevertheless, I was at my computer at 5:45 am anxiously awaiting the opening and longing to go back to sleep (I had an awful nights sleep as it was...more to come). 6:00 am comes, nothing. 6:15 am comes, still nothing, Facebook comments commence and tempers start to rise. 6:32 am comes, still nothing, Facebook comments continue, many are disgruntled and must walk away from their computer mouse in order to not arrive at school make-upless and naked. 6:50 am comes, and... it's up, texts are sent out to notify the troops. 7:22am, arrive at school to realize many people were completely unable to register due to being on the road or spontaneous closing of the groups. 8:11 am, professors address the class with no apologies or resolution in sight. Am I back in last semester, only slightly more successful because I have YET to burn my tongue repeatedly with coffee and a tree hasn't fallen on my car mid-commute? ... but we are 3 days in.

Blessing: I am thankful despite all the miscommunications, misunderstandings, and missed sleep, I have a 4.0 GPA.


I was one bark away from finding him a new home last night. Matt was in Austin for the evening, so I was home with the little dude. Lately, he has been barking like crazy, mainly because it has been too hot to do any kind of physical activity and burn stagnant energy. I feel ya dude. We went for a fetch session and he seemed more interested in eating grass than returning the ball. Okay cool. Next, he repeatedly follows me from room to room (usually endearing), our small closet included barking at me and eating my clothes I was carrying. Not so endearing. Then he wakes me up at 12:30 am thinking Matt was home, he was not, and again at 2:30 am.

Blessing: I love him and enjoy feeling his presence in our home...notice I said "feeling" not "hearing".


This time of year in Texas is when I feel like packing up and moving north. Mark my words, never again will I buy a car with black leather interior and massive windows ever again. My car was 104F the whole way home Monday and I had sweat coming from places I didn't know could sweat. Curse you MINI Cooper!

Blessing: I am thankful to have a vehicle that gets me from one place to another... sometimes.


My mom has insisted, despite my objections, to schedule me for weekly acupuncture appointments to try and help rebuild my immunity and increase my energy level. Being poked with needles is not necessarily my idea of fun. Nor was it relaxing, laying there for an our while I made/repeatedly revised a mental list of things I needed to do once I left. Not to mention, I left feeling more tired then when I arrived and was dependent on caffeine to complete my assigned readings.

Blessing: My mom is worried about me is willing to pay for treatment, that may or maynot work.

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