Sunday, August 22, 2010

Belated 1st Anni Trip

A couple weeks after our anniversary, we left our pup with his grandmother and we were beach bound! We stayed in such a nice condo in Port-A, right on the beach, and got some great time in the sand, by the pool, and around town (really only dinner and Dairy Queen).

View from our room... Ahhh vacation and solo time with the hubby

Our lovely pool

Dockside dinner at Trout Street... the fish was ehh, okay,
but we were happy to pay for the view!

He's so awesome he glows!


Give it up for our first anniversary!

On a side note, I have discovered I like the "idea" of the beach more than actually being on the beach. I do NOT like saltwater and its way of making your contacts feel oh so good in your eyeballs. Plus, sand gets everywhere... I mean EVERYwhere. Our last night we went for a romantic stroll on the beach and we returned with sand in places it certainly wasn't invited. But, I will forever say I heart the beach.

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