Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal I-Do's

I have been OB-sessed with everything Royal the last few weeks. I mean, I did marry into a VERY English family name (there is even a Waite Family crest, how fun right?).

But, as far as the Royals go, I find the entire family both bizarre and fascinating. Their traditions stem back hundreds of years and there's a reason (sometimes weird reasons) why they do what they do. And Kate's story tugs at every female's heart strings, fulfilling every woman's fairytale of becoming a real life princess.

So, naturally I threw a Royal Viewing party...

Matt may or may-not have been mortified
that this was hanging on our front door

I love attending weddings and can't help but feel for the bride on that special day. I remember how magical the entire day feels; it's unlike anything else. I also know weddings have a unique and special place in God's heart. Being a bride is not just an earthly experience, but more so a heavenly one. Every girl is a Kate Middleton and every man is a Will Wales, because of Jesus Christ. We too are heirs to a throne, set to inherit a permanent fortune.

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