Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dreaming of Decor

I look forward to the day we own a home. I don't necessarily welcome the mortgage and costly home repairs, but I will fully embrace having space. Walls for art, a bathroom with TWO sinks, corners for bookshelves, living rooms to hold our friends, and a yard for my furry man to run wild. I keep a file on my Mac with decorating ideas and I also tear out ideas from my numerous catalogs and mags.

At this point I am obsessed with this West Elm headboard. Matt equally likes it, which if you know him is a BIG deal. Our current frame is from a french company and is solid iron. I love it and I know it will be great in a guest room some day.

Don't you just love? I picture Matt and I propped up in bed,
books in hand (non-school related books that is). Oh, diamond
tufted headboard I will own you someday (texture: Cotton Twill, color: Sand).

Now, onto bedding. I am a fan of white and a fan of quilts. Throughout college I loved duvets, overstuffed and billowing over all four corners. Now, I live with a man whose internal thermostat is jammed in place at 85 degrees and a duvet simply won't do. I do heart our PB quilt and the fact that it is machine washable. But the day we have the space and the budget for a King sized bed, I will welcome this beauty with open arms...

I cherish anything Anthro, period. So this comes at no surprise.
My close friend owns this in charcoal and it's quite comfy!
Matt isn't quite sold, but what baby wants, baby gets right?

Now, who doesn't love a fainting couch?
I dream of a master bedroom big enough to
showcase this beauty! And it would go perfectly with my
crushed velvet Anthro curtains already hanging.

Since I seem to be dedicating this post to our future bedroom, I might as well include future items that need to be hanging in my imaginary walk-in closet.

This dress just debuted at Free People.
(Birthday, cough. Present, cough)

And maybe I could hang this BR fedora on a fancy new hatrack?

I know God has the perfect house picked out for us, that's the perfect size, in the perfect neighborhood, that will come to us in his perfect timing. Till then, I'll mentally accumulate ideas and try to financially accumulate as well.


  1. girl im with you on the anthro thing!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. LOVE. all of it!

    What's up with men and their defective internal thermostats?!