Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Year already, seriously?

July SEVENteenth 2010 marked Matt and I's one year anniversary! I cannot believe it has already been a year and it feels like just yesterday we were shoving cupcakes in each others faces!

We had the most romantic 5 course dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy and I was one bite of creme brulee away from being rolled home. We decided to exchange gifts based on the "modern" guide of what to give... paper. I got Matt and 1.5 hour massage, which he had been mentioning for the last year. He got me a book, an Anthro gift card and... well a paper weight. Oh, exxxxcuse me, a paper "waite". My creative husband went to a trophy shop and had a paper weight engraved to say, "A paper 'waite' for our first year. I love you 7/17/10". While, it might not have been the romantic gift I was anticipating, he definitely gets points for thinking outside the box. *picture to come*

Throughout of first year, we had some downs and plenty of ups. He is my partner, my encourager, my lover, my leader, and my BEST friend. I enjoy playing with him, crying with him, praying with him, and laughing AT him :) God absolutely had me in mind when he created my wonderful husband and I cannot imagine my life without him. He makes me a better friend, lover, and woman of God and I know our purpose is to be better together than apart!

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