Monday, April 16, 2012

Ba-Buy Brown Thumb

With the help of my lovely friend Gayle, our yard is being transformed. Unfortunately, I am Brown-Thumb-Betty and have no gardening skills whatsoever. At work I help save lives. And now at home I am helping to keep these guys alive...

Our sad little corner
before Gayle worked her magic

Some new friends to compliment our
beautiful ivy growing up the fence :)

Presenting our deck, hanging basket,
lime tree, marigolds and more!

Trist and I enjoying the fruits of our labor.
After all, He did help by trying to eat
the Jasmine ivy I pulled from the garden.

Thanks Gayle for a lovely house warming present! I appreciate your efforts in teaching me to have a green thumb. And I am taking so much pride in our new yard (and watering frequently, don't worry).

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