Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I don't eat no stinkin wheat!!!

So, early January I was finally diagnosed. I have Celiac disease. It's an auto-immune disorder where my body attacks itself (my intestines to be precise) in the presence of gluten. I always knew I had a problem with breads, pasta, etc. but I just thought it made me bloated. Too bad for me it was destroying my insides and causing a long list of problems. But, praise God I received a diagnosis and have been completely gluten-free ever since.

However, so far in the adventure, I've discovered the list of items containing gluten seems to keep growing...pringles, doritos, sushi, soy sauce, etc. Gluten is used as a binding agent in foods and it seems like they put it in just about everything including, grain vinegars/vanilla extract/some cough drops/candies/lunch meats/salad dressings!
Geesh...But, I am getting better at reading every single label during my grocery trips. And expanding my list of gluten free restaurants. Thank you Jesus for a gluten-free menu at P.F. Chang's, I'd so miss asian otherwise!

Loving me some Enviro Kidz brand

My Amazing cookbook from a sweet friend! I'm attempting to be the "Julie and Julia" of the gluten-free world.

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