Friday, December 9, 2011

I just Can't do it Captain

First I just wanted to show this screen shot I saved...

I was reading a craft blog this am and came across this ad from Nordstrom. I laughed out loud because I recently bought both of the above items (except my poncho is in hunter green). Way to go Nordstrom advertising!

Anyways, early this am I got to thinking about things I can't do, but wish I could...

1. I can't sleep through the night without getting up for a potty break (this point started the mental list at around 630am).

2. I can't speak more than one language fluently (this is sad because my dad is bilingual!!!)

3. I can't eat wheat (sometimes a girl just wants a hamburger...with the bun)

4. I don' t think I can still zip my wedding dress (to be fair, this might not be my fault. Thanks to undiagnosed Celiac Disease I was Skele-tor at my wedding)

5. I can't really get any volume to my hair (my hair is so fine and I just wish there was more of it)

6. I can't run a marathon (my joints are real bad...again, thank you to Celiac disease)

7. I can't play a musical instrument (Matt plays the guitar so beautifully and both his parents play piano. Such a beautiful gift)

8. I can't pass a sale without stopping to buy something (this one I am working on)

9. I can't deny my sweet tooth (I'm an absolute sucker for sweets, ba-dum-shhh)

10. I can't name all the capitals in the good 'ol USA (but I can do all the states in alphabetical order)

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