Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Class of 2011

YESTERday, I received a big, FAT envelope from the Health Science Center... I've been accepted for the very first Accelerated Nursing Program. Crazy to think that in 15 months I will have my second bachelor's. Back to the letter thing though... Funny thing, I was having an awful day at work. I did not want to go, I did not want to be there, and I wanted nothing to do with a career in the medical profession. I was starting to feel the urge to do something completely different with my life, something I'd probably never even studied! But, about a week ago in my time alone with my JESUS, I knew that whatever happened with my acceptance I'd go with it. If I was admitted, awesome! If not, I'd leave the medical profession and go wherever He pointed. So, next step right? Starting at the end of May I begin a non-stop road to my BSN. I pray to be exactly the type of nurse God wants me to be... as a friend said, "a messenger of mercy and grace". I'm going to have the opportunity to lay hands on people who need more than medication. Plus, maybe my husband will let me practice drawing blood on him :)

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